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Making an impact in Southeast Atlanta

The mission of Urban Connected Atlanta is “to provide community assistance through educational services, youth programs, food pantries and developmental programs which result in economic, financial, physical and spiritual independence.” As a recognized 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization with an urban focus, catering to residents in the southeast and surrounding Atlanta communities, we are governed by a Board of Directors, chaired by Dr. Monte Norwood, Senior Pastor for Bible Way Ministries International.

Urban Connected Atlanta was first founded as the Bible Way Community Development Community Development Corporation, as a practical outreach arm into the Thomasville Heights, Norwood Manner and surrounding communities. Bible Way, as we have been affectionately known in the community, has been in the community since the 1930s and began as a family initiative to help meet the needs of seniors, Families and youth in the community.


Our vision is “to provide hope through four pillars; Human Needs. HIV Aids and Health, Economic Independence and Youth and Education, catapulting individuals and families from a place of surviving to thriving.”


Over the last decade, with consistency, we have operated and offered four primary programs to the community: HIV/AIDS Support, Urban Youth Program, T.I.M.E. Grief Support and our Community Food Pantry


As we act to provide community assistance through the educational services and programs we provide, our mission will help result in greater economic, financial, physical and spiritual independence within Atlanta’s communities for Families, individuals and youth developmental programs which result in economic, financial, physical and spiritual independence.”


Remember Me

Launched inaugural “Remember Me” conference to support persons who have suffered grief and loss.

Food Bank

Received funding from Atlanta Community Food Bank to support Food Pantry operations.

Midwest Food Bank

Certified as a partner with Midwest Food Bank.


Registered with the State of Georgia to do business as Urban Connected Atlanta.

Relaunched Bibleway

Relaunched Bibleway Community Development Corporation as a registered 501(C)3, non-profit corporation

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