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HIV/AIDS Outreach Initiatives

The Urban Connected Atlanta (UCA) HIV/AIDS Outreach Initiative is a volunteer-based, community effort with a mission to “assist persons living with or affected by HIV/AIDS to live with dignity & respect.”

Focus Areas

We cary out our mission by:

Our Vision

To end the spread of Atlanta’s HIV/AIDS epidemic and ensure affected families have access to essential care.


Per the Fulton County 2019 Initiative to End AIDS by 2030, Fulton County, Georgia is ranked 6th highest among United States counties for new HIV diagnoses with new infection rates in Atlanta twice that for Georgia as a whole, and new diagnoses in Fulton County are the highest among individuals under 40 years old with hetero women largely contracting the disease through sexual contact. Concurrent to this, it is often found that HIV often leaves its host susceptible to other health conditions which further negatively impact their quality of life. UCA’s advocacy in HIV/AIDS, therefore, is in direct support of our longstanding, organizational missional goal: to provide community assistance…[to] result in [peoples’] personal health, economic and financial independence and spiritual freedom.


For many of the people we serve, in Southeast and Metro Atlanta, indeed are living with HIV/AIDS or at risk, and are in need of care and local support. Through our partnerships with with the GA Department of Health, Bible Way Ministries, International and AID Atlanta (of AIDS Healthcare Foundation), this event will also offer HIV/AIDS Testing, HIV/AIDS Resources, COVID Testing & Vaccines, Health

Mrs. Nater Stewart

A retired Registered Nurse, who closed her career at Grady Hospital working with HIV /AIDS patients who were in need of a gentle, loving touch .

She has 32 years of experience as a registered nurse with 10 years working directly with those impacted by HIV directly. In 2018, as the team began to formalize the HIV initiative from a church ministry to a formal program, Nater participated in the Community Health Leadership Program at Morehouse School of Medicine.


Nater Stewart, who has a history of working with HIV+ persons as a registered nurse. Delving into the HIV/AIDS advocacy community in metro Atlanta opened their eyes to the ever-increasing numbers of African American women that have contracted the disease through what the CDC describes as risky behaviors.  


Nater Stewart, has shown ongoing and unwavering investment in the building of Bible Way Internaitonal’s HIV program from its inception. She attends and supports local, community and national efforts and initiatives. Her commitment to this effort is evident in the relationships she has built and maintains across the country with stakeholders of all levels. She is passionate in bringing the messages of love and hope to all those affected, particularly African American women who are the backbone of their communities and families.


Nater Stewart has learned that the quality of life for African American women living with HIV is often diminished due to the lack of self-care, related to prioritizing their care for others in their framework of responsibility rather than themselves. This time focused on their own care and emotional health and wellness.


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